6 Foot Artificial Plants Lush Decor for Any Space

6 Foot Artificial Plants Enter a world filled with the beauty of artificial greenery with the sought-after 6 foot artificial plants. These plants are ideal for making any space look better. They need no care but add a touch of nature-like charm. For instance, the Hawaii Artificial Palm Tree Potted Plant stands at six feet, showing how it can change a room.

At the moment, there’s a special summer sale where you can save big and get free shipping on orders over $300. This is a great time to upgrade your home or office with these space enhancers. And even if a product is delayed, don’t worry. It will still arrive in time to bring new life to your place.

Key Takeaways

  • Enhance your decor with realistic, 6 foot artificial plants that require minimal upkeep.
  • Invest in lush decor that provides consistent beauty without the maintenance of live greenery.
  • Capitalize on current sales events for value-added deals on premium artificial plant selections.
  • Choose maintenance-free options that deliver on both aesthetic and practical fronts.
  • Experience the lifelike appeal of faux botanicals designed to seamlessly integrate into any decor scheme.
  • Embrace space enhancement solutions that are versatile, stylish, and instantly transformative.

Embrace the Allure of 6 Foot Artificial Plants

The charm of 6 foot artificial plants adds a new edge to interiors, changing how we see design. These realistic faux plants go beyond just looking good. They bring life to big spaces or small nooks. With 75 years of green thumb know-how, their design fits any style.

They work everywhere, from sleek offices to snug living rooms. The feeling they bring is unmatched. You can choose from tall fake palms to full olive trees. No matter your style, there’s something for you.

The Height of Design Flexibility

The crafted artificial cypress bushes offer care-free greenery in various sizes. They let you be bold in design, without the work of live plants. You can pick how dense you want the leaves. This kind of design freedom is hard to beat.

Transformative Impact on Any Room’s Aesthetics

6 foot artificial plants are not just decorations. They make a room come alive. They look so real, bringing a touch of nature everywhere.

There’s something for every taste. Big ficuses or small ferns, they all can make a big difference.

They mix tradition with the latest in design. These plants are all about beauty and easy care, ideal for anyone who loves style and simplicity.

Discover the Realistic Charm of Faux Plants

authentic textures of artificial plants

Artificial plants for home decor are now very popular. They need no maintenance and look almost like real plants. Especially, realistic faux plants have caught on because they feel real, making rooms look new and lively.

Take the Dracaena Silk Plant, for example. It uses special ‘Real Touch’ technology. This makes it look like a real plant. Boston Ferns and Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees are also great for those wanting something lush. They add a lot of detail to any space.

There are many options to choose from. It’s cool to see how artificial plants for home decor are both pretty and helpful worldwide.

Current Stock %85%
Pricing$99.00 (Regular), $74.25 (Sale)
Weight5 lbs
Dimensions45in x 20in x 20in
Quantity Per Pack2
Shipping Cost$15.00 FedEx Home Delivery
Tips Count200
Lights Count50 LED Lights
Wattage of Lights10 Watts
Case Pack Quantity10
UPC Barcode012345678901
Catalog Page240
Assembly RequiredYes
Warranty2 Years

This list shows the care put into each Dracaena Silk Plant. It makes it a great choice for any room. Beautiful and smart, realistic faux plants are the best for home decor today.

The Versatility of Tall Artificial Plants in Home Decor

tall artificial plants

Tall artificial plants are key in modern design, blending beauty with function. They add to any theme and need no care. This makes them perfect for every home.

From Corner Accents to Focal Points

Tall artificial plants shine in home decor versatility. They fill empty spots or become the center of attention. For example, a Dracaena Silk Plant can bring nature into your room, adding charm and peace.

Seasonal Adaptability Without the Maintenance

Seasonal adaptability is a big plus with tall artificial plants. Living plants change with the seasons, but not these. They always look great, even without water or light, so they work well for any holiday or theme.

Indoor Suitability314 Types
Outdoor Suitability18 Types
Height Range (in feet)2-4, 4-6 Feet
Price Range$41.00 – $332.99
Key VarietiesDracaena Silk Plant, Travelers Palm Artificial Tree, Cycas Palm Tree UV Resistant

In the end, tall artificial plants are a great fit for any space. They need no care, look good always, and bring life to your home, inside and out.

Choosing the Perfect Large Artificial Plants for Your Space

large artificial plants options

Enhancing your space with large artificial plants means looking at size, style, and how they fit with your decor. The right plants enhance your area by blending in and making it better.

Assessing Your Decor Needs

Think about why you want greenery. Do you want to add color, create a focus, or privacy? Knowing this helps choose the right plant size and style.

Factoring in Size, Style, and Color

When choosing large artificial plants, size is key. With houses usually having 9-foot ceilings, the plant should fit well but not take over. For example, a 6.5′ Dracaena or a 7′ Travelers Palm work great without being too much. Here’s a guide:

Plant StyleHeightWidthDepthPrice
48″ Dracaena Silk Plant (Real Touch)4 ft1 ft1 ft$41.00
7′ Travelers Palm Artificial Tree7 ft2 ft2 ft$169.99
6.5′ Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree6.5 ft3 ft3 ft$378.00
3′ Cycas Palm Tree UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor)3 ft2 ft2 ft$128.99

Consider how each plant can be styled. Nearly Natural’s plants often have adjustable branches, perfect for custom fitting. Knowing the height from base to top leaves, and bendability, is crucial for a perfect fit.

Picking the right large artificial plants is more than choosing something pretty. It’s about blending them with your decor to make your space look good and work well. They’re perfect for brightening up a corner or marking space in an open area.

Unveiling the Top Lifelike Artificial Plants for Your Home

The market for top lifelike artificial plants is growing. It’s fueled by a desire for indistinguishable realism. These plants look real and last a long time, inside or outside, with no upkeep.

Handpicked Selections That Blur the Line Between Real and Faux

Our selection includes handpicked selections. They closely mimic the fine details of real plants, like the veins on a Fiddle Leaf Fig. This quality and indistinguishable realism makes them perfect for any decor.

They’re great for any space, whether small or large. These handpicked selections meet various tastes and needs, showing they’re versatile and timeless. Look through our choices to find plants that will bring any area to life.

How to Style Your Artificial Indoor Plants Like a Pro

Styling artificial indoor plants properly is more than putting them in a corner. Professional styling tips and decorative expertise can make your space beautiful. With these tips, your fake plants will look real.

Choose planters that fit your home’s style. The right planter makes your plant and decor work together. Use natural materials like wood or ceramic to make your artificial indoor plants look real. Think about the planter’s size and color to make the plant look authentic.

Where you put your plants is important for professional styling. They should catch the eye but look like they belong. Arrange plants of different sizes at various heights. This makes it feel like a natural setting.

  • Place taller plants in the corners to soften architectural lines and add depth.
  • Group plants in odd numbers to create a more pleasing arrangement visually.
  • Include a mix of plant types and leaf shapes to mimic nature’s diversity.

Good lighting makes fake plants look more real. Place them where they can get natural light. Or, use soft artificial light to make them cast lifelike shadows. This will improve their natural look.

Do not forget to add some touches next to your artificial indoor plants. Moss or faux soil can hide they’re not real. For water plants or flowers, use clear vases with fake water for an even more realistic look.

Use these professional styling tips to have beautiful artificial indoor plants. They bring life to your space without the need for a lot of care. This adds a lot to your style and decorative expertise.

Faux Plants for Office: Elevating Your Work Environment

Adding faux plants for office spaces makes the area more attractive. It improves the productive work environment by adding peaceful green plants. These natural elements boost creativity and make employees feel better.

Creating a Productive and Inviting Office Space

Faux greenery, like olive trees and phoenix palms, turns dull offices into lively places. The calming effect of faux plants for office reduces stress and keeps the workplace dynamic. Choosing the right faux plant, whether small cherry blossoms or big ficus trees, is key to shaping an ideal work atmosphere.

Incorporating Greenery in Corporate Design

Greenery in corporate design is trendy and eco-friendly. It avoids the work needed for real plants. Leading brands like Vickerman and Greyleigh™ make options hard to tell apart from real plants. This lets any office enjoy the beauty of nature without the maintenance.

Plant TypePrice RangeCustomer RatingsFree Delivery Options
Olive Trees$125-$4004.9 StarsYes, including 2-day options for select products
Phoenix Palm Trees$200-$599.994.8 StarsYes
Nandina Trees$100-$3004.7 StarsYes
Cherry Blossom Trees$82.99-$2504.6 StarsNo
Croton Trees$150-$3504.5 StarsYes

This selection of faux plants for office highlights the many choices. There’s a plant for every office style, improving the work environment and incorporating greenery in corporate design seamlessly.

Maximizing Longevity: Caring for Your Artificial Floor Plants

To keep artificial floor plants looking beautiful, follow some simple tips. These plants are designed to last. They need little care, just dusting now and then to stay fresh. They’re perfect for those with little time for real plants.

Tips to Keep Your Faux Flora Looking Fresh

Artificial plants add style to any room. They are great for people who are allergic to real plants. Dust them regularly to keep them looking real. For a thorough clean, use a soft brush.

Some artificial plants, like the Nearly Natural 5920 Double Boxwood Topiary, look very real. They don’t need water or sunlight. They come in all shapes and sizes, from large green walls to small delicate topiaries. They’re a great choice for any home, adding beauty without the work.


What makes the 6-foot artificial plants a great addition to my space?

6-foot artificial plants bring vibrant greenery that looks real but needs no care. They add a fresh look and change how a room feels.

Can I really achieve a realistic look with faux plants in my home decor?

You sure can. Modern faux plants are designed to look highly realistic. They bring a natural and appealing look to your home with zero maintenance.

What are the benefits of choosing tall artificial plants for home decor?

Tall artificial plants can enhance any decorating style. They fit in small corners or stand out as main features. Plus, they don’t need care throughout the seasons.

How do I select the right large artificial plants for my space?

To choose the best large artificial plant, consider your space and design wishes. Look at size, style, and color that will enhance your place the most.

Which lifelike artificial plants are considered the best for home decor?

Top options include Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees and Mixed Ferns for their realistic look. They are carefully crafted to look lifelike and add a fresh touch to any room.

Can you provide some professional styling tips for artificial indoor plants?

To style like a pro, pick planters that blend with your home and place plants smartly. Vary their heights and mix different types to make your space more interesting.

How can faux plants be incorporated effectively in an office environment?

In an office, faux plants can make the space more beautiful, define areas, and bring a calm atmosphere. Choose plants that suit the office’s look and size.

What maintenance tips can help maximize the longevity of artificial floor plants?

To maintain artificial plants, dust them often, keep them out of direct sun, and move them around sometimes. With the right care, they can stay looking new for a long time.
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